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Internet Defamation Removal Archives

How did I end up on

Lately you may have come across various "consumer gripe websites" which offer an opportunity for unhappy consumers to vent about products, people, goods, services and pretty much anything else. Even if your company refunds the unhappy customer or remediates the situation, your customer may be unable to remove the now outdated offensive and false post. Under many websites' terms of service, the author assigns away his or her rights to the post and it is at the website's sole and absolute discretion on whether to remove the offensive post.

What you should know about internet defamation

The injuries of libel and defamation have been around for a long time, but in the age of the Internet and with so many people turning to social media and public opinion to make decisions of who to trust, both personally and professionally, Internet defamation can cause serious problems. To many, typing insults and lies about a business or a person, such as an ex, and posting it on social media doesn't feel "real." The longer information stays on the Internet, the more likely it is that others will see it, and draw negative conclusions. Because of this, acting quickly to remove the content, and fight anyone who has made false allegations by hiring an Internet defamation lawyer is essential.

What is the Consumer Review Fairness Act?

The "Consumer Review Fairness Act" ("CRFA"), also known as H.R. 5111 was signed into law by President Barack Obama on December 14, 2016. The purpose of the CRFA is to make any clause in contract void which prohibits, or restricts an individual from engaging in an honest review of seller's goods, services, or conduct. In other words, anyone can say anything about you or your business online, as long as it is true.