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defamation Archives

Vuzix files defamation lawsuit regarding false report

When it comes to manufacturing and selling cutting edge technology, the level of competition between companies in Ohio and elsewhere can be significant. While many individuals may choose to be honest in their reviews of such products, in some cases, an ulterior motive may lead a person to try and discredit a product. A company has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a man after claiming that he intentionally spread false rumors about one of their devices through online sources for personal gain.

Host of InfoWars at the center of another defamation lawsuit

When a major incident takes place, a multitude of news and media outlets in Ohio and across the nation may race to be the first to break the story. Unfortunately, some may go a bit too far and publish a story without having all the facts. Individuals who stand wrongfully accused of committing a crime under similar circumstances could suffer severely. A man has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against the host of InfoWars after he was wrongfully accused of involvement in a school shooting.

1 accuses several news and media outlets of defamation

When a person in Ohio or elsewhere who operates in the world of politics is shot and killed by another individual, a variety of news and media outlets may rush to be the first to publish the story. While some outlets may stick to the facts as they are known, others might seek to fill in the blanks to try and explain why the incident occurred. A man has recently filed a defamation lawsuit after several news outlets attempted to link his brother's death to a conspiracy without any facts to back up their stories.

Settlement reached in defamation lawsuit over kidnapping

Being the victim in a kidnapping can be a terrifying experience that could stay with an individual throughout the rest of his or her life. However, being accused of faking the incident might be even more devastating, and such allegations may cause a person in Ohio to experience unjust treatment and loss of reputation. Two individuals in another state have recently reached a settlement with a police department in relation to a defamation lawsuit they filed after they were accused of faking a kidnapping.

Man files defamation lawsuit against several conspiracy theorists

When an individual in Ohio or elsewhere is falsely accused of being involved in a conspiracy to commit a crime, he or she may suffer in a variety of ways. In addition to any damage done to one's reputation, his or her safety may also be placed at risk, and receiving threats of intent to harm can be a harrowing experience. A man has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against several individuals, claiming that each one used his or her presence on social media to accuse him of being involved in a conspiracy theory.

Understanding defamation and how to protect one's reputation

Whether for business or personal reasons, or both, many individuals in Ohio consider it vital to maintain a positive reputation. A malicious attack on this area of life can be devastating and could cause substantial harm to the healthy image a person has worked hard to build. Individuals who experience such attacks may find it beneficial to gain a better understanding of the forms defamation can take, and how to protect themselves should they be subjected to it.

Athletic director accused of defamation by college coach

The impact a coach can have on the life of a player may go beyond a basketball court and have an effect on the rest of his or her life. Coaches in Ohio and elsewhere who place a high value on such interaction may also consider it vital to maintain a healthy reputation, and they may seek to protect themselves should they come under attack. A college coach has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against the athletic director of another university in response to comments made during a post-game news conference.

Father and son file defamation lawsuit against several websites

Being accused of a crime can be an intimidating experience that can have a significant impact on a person's life. Even if a person in Ohio was not involved in the act at all, if he or she is painted as the perpetrator through online outlets, the consequences can be just as severe. A father and son have recently filed a defamation lawsuit against numerous websites after one of them was wrongfully accused of driving a vehicle into a group of protesters in another state.

1 files defamation lawsuit re false accusations and loss of job

Being subjected to unjust treatment at work can be a harrowing process. Individuals in Ohio who experience such treatment may not only suffer a loss of employment, as the damage done to their reputation in the process can have devastating consequences. A former police chief in another state has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a town after false allegations caused him to suffer a substantial amount of harm.

Members of board file defamation lawsuit against school director

It might not be all that uncommon for government officials in Ohio and elsewhere to disagree with one another. However, when disputes arise between two or more parties, there is a line that should not be crossed, as certain statements could prove exceedingly harmful to a person's reputation. A school board superintendent and other members of the panel have recently filed a lawsuit against the school director, accusing him of defamation.