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defamation Archives

Defamation lawsuit filed against city, council member

The average person in Ohio and elsewhere may be unaware of just how harmful a false statement made about another person can be, especially if the information becomes public. In some cases, those who are subjected to malicious content may suffer ridicule and contempt, and such information could cause severe harm to a person's reputation within the community. Two parties have recently reached a settlement agreement regarding a defamation lawsuit that was filed by a city administrator in another state.

City council candidate files defamation lawsuit against opponent

Being wrongfully accused of involvement in criminal activity can be a harrowing experience. Should the allegations against a person in Ohio be circulated through public outlets, the harm this can cause to his or her reputation may increase substantially. A city council candidate in another state has filed a defamation lawsuit against an opponent who he claims released false allegations of wrongful behavior through various outlets.

Former school superintendent accuses 1 of defamation

In some cases, the words of another party may have little impact on a person's life. Unfortunately, individuals in Ohio may find that sometimes the words of others can have consequences, as one accusation of wrongful behavior could have devastating ramifications. A former public schools superintendent has accused another party of defamation after claiming that false allegations of misconduct harmed his reputation and left him without a job.

Police officer files defamation lawsuit against radio show host

Many newspaper outlets and radio talk shows in Ohio and elsewhere are constantly seeking out ways to increase viewer counts and ratings. In some cases, an outlet may attempt to attract attention by placing a spotlight on a person who stands accused of unlawful behavior, even if an investigation into the matter is still underway. A police officer has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a radio show host in relation to comments made about him during a recent segment.

3 accused of defamation by former mayor

Many government officials in Ohio and elsewhere may encounter situations that require them to make difficult decisions every day. The choices they make might not always please everyone around them, and in some cases, what starts as a difference of opinion could evolve into allegations of misconduct. A former mayor in another state has filed a lawsuit against three individuals, accusing each party of defamation.

Former teacher's aide accuses school district of defamation

Many teachers in Ohio and elsewhere take pride in the roles they play in the development of their students, and they may devote years into building a healthy reputation within their respective fields. Should a teacher be falsely accused of mistreating students, he or she may wish to take the necessary steps to protect against the potentially devastating consequences that may accompany similar allegations. A former teacher's aide has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a school district in another state.

Defamation lawsuit filed over false allegations of abuse

It might not be uncommon for co-workers in Ohio and elsewhere to disagree from time to time, and similar incidents can put a strain on a workplace relationship. While in most cases, workers may be able to remain civil while on the job, in some cases such an incident could bring about unwarranted attacks on a person's reputation. A sheriff in a neighboring state has filed a defamation lawsuit against a co-worker and his wife after claiming he was wrongfully accused of domestic violence.

Couple accuses newspaper outlet of defamation

When an article is published in a newspaper, a multitude of viewers may read and be influenced by the information within. Should a person in Ohio be falsely accused of misconduct through similar outlets, the impact the article could have on his or her life can be devastating. A couple in another state has reportedly filed a defamation lawsuit after claiming that recent articles in a local newspaper have caused substantial damage to their reputations.

Barnes and Noble accused of defamation, wrongful termination

Many companies in Ohio take reports of workplace misconduct seriously, and the consequences of similar allegations can be severe. However, not all claims of misconduct are accurate, and those who lose their jobs based on false allegations may wish to protect their legal rights and their reputations. The former chief executive officer of Barnes and Noble has filed a lawsuit accusing the company of defamation and wrongful termination.

Former surgeon accuses health care system of defamation

Many companies in Ohio and elsewhere may consider it vital to provide employees with an outlet to bring forth complaints or concerns about operations. However, some may be hesitant to raise questions about a potential concern out of fear of retaliation. A plastic surgeon in another state has filed a defamation claim against a health care system after a similar situation led to an attack on his reputation.