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The risks and potential harm of defamation through social media

There are a multitude of social media outlets that provide individuals in Ohio and elsewhere with a platform on which to post content on a variety of topics. While the rise of social media may come with various benefits, it also opens individuals and businesses up to certain risks, as these outlets can act as a means of spreading false and damaging content. Those who are subjected to defamation through social media could suffer significant harm, and they might be uncertain how best to handle the situation.

Former college basketball coach accuses university of defamation

Rumors concerning the preferential treatment of college recruits have been spread throughout many universities in Ohio and elsewhere. Being the subject of an investigation into such allegations can be stressful and daunting, and the outcome of a similar process could have a substantial impact on a person's life. A college basketball coach has accused his former employer of defamation in relation to the release of information he claims was confidential and false.

Towing company accuses college student of defamation

When a person in Ohio or elsewhere turns to the internet to leave a negative review about a business, the information within could influence how others view the company. If the statement is false, or is a misrepresentation of an incident, the owners may wish to take steps to prevent the situation from affecting the success of their businesses. A towing company has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a college student claiming that he omitted facts about an incident and sparked hundreds of negative reviews.

Defamation lawsuit to be filed regarding malicious Facebook video

Social media outlets such as Facebook provide users with the ability to post videos on a variety of topics. While many individuals in Ohio may use these outlets simply to post footage of family events, some may attempt to use a video to send a message to viewers. A group of county commissioners in another state have decided to file a defamation lawsuit against an animal rights activist after she posted a video on Facebook accusing them of being monsters.

Horse carriage company files defamation lawsuit

When it comes to small businesses in Ohio and across the country that provide horse carriage rides to customers, allegations of animal mistreatment can be a serious concern. Even if the statements are false, such accusations could have a devastating impact on the success of a business. A horse carriage company in another state has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a local animal society and an activist after malicious rumors were spread across various media outlets.

Defamation lawsuit filed against anonymous Instagram account

There are a multitude of online sites that allow users in Ohio and elsewhere to create anonymous accounts. Using the protection provided by these sites, a person may post comments on a variety of topics without having to reveal his or her identity. Unfortunately, some may seek to take advantage of this protection. A man has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against an anonymous Instagram account named Diet Madison.

Lou Holtz files defamation lawsuit over newspaper article

Taking a statement out of context and writing a newspaper article about it could be harmful enough as is. However, adding words to a statement can leave a person in Ohio facing a variety of potentially devastating consequences over something he or she never said. Former sports analyst and College Hall of Fame football coach Lou Holtz has reportedly reached a settlement agreement after filing a defamation lawsuit against a newspaper outlet over a recent publication.

Attack on military background leads to defamation lawsuit

Individuals in Ohio and elsewhere who choose to enlist in any branch of the military may look back at their years of service with a great deal of pride. Should another party attempt to bring their military background into question and attack their reputation, they might wish to take steps to protect themselves against unnecessary harm. A former U.S. representative in another state has filed a lawsuit against another party accusing him of defamation.

Ex-wife of NBA player Matt Barnes files defamation lawsuit

Following the end of a marriage, it might not be all that uncommon for two individuals in Ohio to be at odds with each other for a time. With the recent advent of social media, it could be significantly less difficult to reach out to a multitude and voice one's opinions about a former spouse. The ex-wife of former NBA player Matt Barnes has filed a defamation lawsuit against her former spouse, claiming that he accused her of embezzlement and fraud through social media.

Guard files defamation lawsuit following acts of retaliation

Many establishments in Ohio and elsewhere hire security guards to keep watch over daily operations and help maintain a safe environment. When a dangerous incident occurs, especially one that proves fatal, a company may wish to review the situation and determine if the necessary measures were taken by the guards who were on duty at the time. A man has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against his employer after he was accused of involvement in a fatal incident that he claims never even occurred.