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What can victims of doxing do to end the abuse?

Even if you haven't heard the term "doxing" before, you have likely heard of the situation. For example, a person posts on an online forum under the guise of a username. Another user disagrees with their opinion or message, so they research the poster extensively to figure out who they really are. The user then posts their name and other information publicly, which allows other people to target and harass the person.

What is reputation management?

More than ever, what pops up on the first page of search engine results about you or your business influences your public reputation. This first impression could affect all other interactions with you or your company.

Cleveland Orchestra musician sues two for defamation

For accomplished individuals who operate in or near the top of their field, reputation can be critical. Particularly in cases where one is a public figure, disparaging comments, when amplified, can have lasting, damaging effects. A trombonist for the Cleveland Orchestra recently brought a defamation suit against two detractors who he claims engaged in such a smear online.

Are You A Victim Of Defamation?

Information speeds across the world on the internet at an unprecedented volume not encountered at any time in the world’s history. We all know that not all of it is positive; in fact, some of it is false and malicious. If you have ever found information on the internet about yourself that you disagree with, is it defamatory?

How do I get my mug shot off the internet?

Mug shots fascinate many people. Whether it’s a historic hot take after the apprehension of a mobster or a celebrity making a bad decision, everyone is familiar with the photos that accompany an arrest. While they’re often associated with convicted criminals, it’s easy to forget that a mug shot is taken of anyone at the time of their arrest. A mug shot is a photo record of an arrest—but not a conviction of any wrongdoing.

Are minors protected from posting questionable content?

When you were fourteen years old, you contributed to an online forum. You made several inappropriate comments that seemed funny at the time. But now you are seventeen and applying to college. Colleges will not like what they see if they search your name online. Are you able to remove the content you posted online when you were fourteen?

Parents can be proactive in their child’s online activity

We live in a world filled with technology. It is literally at our fingertips. There are definite benefits to technology. We can keep in touch with friends and family across the globe. If we get lost while driving, we can pull over and bring up step by step directions. There are recipes, research and supplies at the convenient click of a mouse.

Is your personal brand at risk?

When you hear the word “brand,” you may think of a specific company, the field of marketing or even picture a specific logo. However, brands are not only for large corporations. Each individual, including you, is stamped with a personal brand. Managing your brand takes work, and failing to look into, and improve, your brand can have negative consequences in both your professional and personal lives.