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August 2018 Archives

Defamation lawsuit filed against actor Terry Crews

It's relatively common for celebrities in Ohio and elsewhere to gain mass followings through social media outlets. When a celebrity uses similar outlets to express concerns about another individual, his or her views may influence how others feel about this person, and if the individual is cast in a negative light, the consequences can be severe. The former social media manager of Terry Crews has filed a lawsuit against the actor, accusing him of defamation and harassment.

Multiple city officials accused of defamation

For many individuals in Ohio and elsewhere, maintaining a positive personal and professional reputation is essential. When this area of life comes under attack, a person may wish to take measure to protect his or her image, but knowing how best to handle the situation can be challenging at times. A man in another state has reportedly filed a defamation lawsuit against several city officials after claiming that they released numerous statements that have harmed his reputation.

Man files defamation lawsuit over misleading internet video

In some cases, it may take little more than a short clip that is posted through internet sources to leave a person in Ohio or elsewhere fighting to protect his or her image. Even if the message portrayed by those who post videos is false or misleading, that message could influence a multitude of viewers. A man in another state has accused several parties of defamation after claiming a minute-long video left him facing false allegations of animal abuse.

Doctor accuses colleagues, facility of defamation and retaliation

When medical professionals in Ohio and across the nation have concerns about safety procedures, they may wish to express their concerns for patient safety to their employers. While in many cases, others may be open to discussion about operations, in others, a similar incident could open a person up to acts of retaliation. A doctor has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against several colleagues and a medical facility after his questions about patient care led to attacks on his reputation.

Former employee files defamation lawsuit against Tesla

When a company in Ohio or elsewhere learns that sensitive trade secrets have been released to a third party, the subsequent investigation could lead it to point a finger of blame at an employee. Being wrongfully accused of such an act can be a daunting experience, and those who face similar allegations may wish to take measures to protect their reputations. A former employee has filed a defamation lawsuit against Tesla, claiming the company's CEO has wrongfully accused him of criminal activity through various social media outlets.

Attack on professional reputation leads to defamation lawsuit

When two or more individuals in Ohio and elsewhere come together to work on a solution to issues within a community, they may do so with a singular goal in mind. However, having the same goal doesn't necessarily mean that all parties will be in total agreement on how to approach the situation, and disagreements could leave members of a group at odds with one another. A college professor has filed a defamation lawsuit against several parties, claiming that a disagreement led to an attack on his reputation.