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Towing company accuses college student of defamation

When a person in Ohio or elsewhere turns to the internet to leave a negative review about a business, the information within could influence how others view the company. If the statement is false, or is a misrepresentation of an incident, the owners may wish to take steps to prevent the situation from affecting the success of their businesses. A towing company has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a college student claiming that he omitted facts about an incident and sparked hundreds of negative reviews.

The incident reportedly began at an apartment complex with which the company had entered a business arrangement to provide towing services for illegally parked vehicles. Upon encountering a car that was parked illegally, the company placed a boot on its tire and left instructions for the owner and a 24 hour warning. After the company didn't receive a response, employees proceeded to tow the vehicle the next day.

The owner of the vehicle responded to the incident by accusing the company of towing his vehicle illegally. Although the manager of the complex reportedly informed him that the company had acted within the law, he took to online sources to leave comments about the incident. The company claims that he choose to omit the fact that he was parked illegally in his report. It also asserts that he sought to convince others to join his cause and claims that it has received several hundred one-star reviews on various websites as a result.

A similar situation can have a devastating impact on the success of a business. Those who are subjected to defamation under similar circumstances may wish to protect their companies, but they might be uncertain where to turn for guidance. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can provide a person in Ohio with advice on the available options for legal recourse, and subsequently assist in pursuing the restitution deserved through a defamation lawsuit against the party or parties deemed responsible.

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