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The risks and potential harm of defamation through social media

There are a multitude of social media outlets that provide individuals in Ohio and elsewhere with a platform on which to post content on a variety of topics. While the rise of social media may come with various benefits, it also opens individuals and businesses up to certain risks, as these outlets can act as a means of spreading false and damaging content. Those who are subjected to defamation through social media could suffer significant harm, and they might be uncertain how best to handle the situation.

With the shear number of individuals that search through applications such as Facebook and Yelp each day, the information one posts through social media can become widespread in an instant. Unfortunately, those who create online content could choose to use similar outlets to spread rumors that might prove exceedingly harmful to a person or business. Upon being subjected to similar attacks, a person may wish to protect his or her reputation, but proving defamation through online sources can be challenging.

For online content to be considered defamatory, it must be false or misleading and cannot be viewed as another party's opinion. In addition, the content must be harmful to the victim's personal or professional reputation. While the outlets that host the information might be protected from defamation claims, a person could seek to hold the creator of the content or, in some cases, those who share it responsible in civil court.

While seeking the removal of false and damaging content through social media outlets could be essential to protecting one's image, it can also be a complex process. A person who is subjected to defamation under similar circumstances could consider retaining the services of an attorney for advice on his or her available options. An attorney can examine the situation and assist a client in Ohio in protecting his or her reputation through the necessary outlets.

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