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Former college basketball coach accuses university of defamation

Rumors concerning the preferential treatment of college recruits have been spread throughout many universities in Ohio and elsewhere. Being the subject of an investigation into such allegations can be stressful and daunting, and the outcome of a similar process could have a substantial impact on a person's life. A college basketball coach has accused his former employer of defamation in relation to the release of information he claims was confidential and false.

The incident reportedly began when the university claimed to have received information concerning the treatment of players and recruits that was in violation of NCAA rules. This sparked an investigation that ultimately culminated in the termination of the man's position as head coach. According to reports, the university claims that a former assistant coach filed a report stating the man had paid a recruit a substantial sum of money to sign with the university.

The former coach asserts that the information within this report is false. He also states that since these allegations were not cited as reasons for his termination, the information within should have remained confidential. Allegations of this nature can do a great deal of harm to one's personal and professional reputation and could also disrupt his or her ability to obtain future employment within a similar field.

Individuals who encounter false claims and defamation may wish to protect against the potential consequences involved, but the process can be intimidating. When facing a similar situation, a person in Ohio could speak with an attorney for advice on the best course of action with which to proceed. An attorney can evaluate the situation and assist a client in protecting his or her reputation through the necessary channels.

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