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Lou Holtz files defamation lawsuit over newspaper article

Taking a statement out of context and writing a newspaper article about it could be harmful enough as is. However, adding words to a statement can leave a person in Ohio facing a variety of potentially devastating consequences over something he or she never said. Former sports analyst and College Hall of Fame football coach Lou Holtz has reportedly reached a settlement agreement after filing a defamation lawsuit against a newspaper outlet over a recent publication.

The incident reportedly stems from a speech that was given by the former coach on the topic of immigration. According to the lawsuit, the newspaper outlet took his statements out of context and published a story about it, and added words in the title accusing him of referring to immigrants as deadbeats. However, the coach says that at no point did he use the word deadbeat and that the article was a false portrayal of a speech he made about advice he received from his grandmother on her experiences upon immigrating to the United States.

The lawsuit also states that after the article was published, several other outlets posted their own stories using similar phrasing. The former coach filed a lawsuit soon thereafter accusing the newspaper outlet of maliciously attacking his reputation. He claims that along with the emotional anguish he has experienced, the incident has also caused him to miss out on employment opportunities.

Although many of the details concerning the settlement agreement in the defamation lawsuit remain unclear, the newspaper outlet has since released a public apology in relation to the article. For those who are subjected to incidents of this nature, protecting against the harm of false statements could be essential, but it can also be complex. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can provide a person in Ohio with guidance on how to protect his or her reputation through the necessary outlets.

Source:, "Daily Beast apologizes, admits former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz never called immigrants 'deadbeats'", Stephen Hudak, May 21, 2018

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