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Horse carriage company files defamation lawsuit

When it comes to small businesses in Ohio and across the country that provide horse carriage rides to customers, allegations of animal mistreatment can be a serious concern. Even if the statements are false, such accusations could have a devastating impact on the success of a business. A horse carriage company in another state has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a local animal society and an activist after malicious rumors were spread across various media outlets.

According to the lawsuit, the animal society and activist took to various media outlets to accuse the carriage company of mistreating its horses. In addition, the company claims that each party encouraged others to approach carriages and employees on the street and disrupt customer tours. The company claims that it has been subjected to a variety of false allegations, including intentional cruelty to animals and disregard for animal safety.

Although the company asserts that these statements are false and malicious in nature, it says that this incident has disrupted daily operations severely. In addition, the owner of the company and several employees have been subjected to threats of violence and harassment. The carriage company has filed a lawsuit and is seeking to recover monetary damages and protect its reputation.

Small business owners who are subjected to harmful attacks and defamation may wish to protect the image of their companies, but they might be uncertain where to turn for guidance. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can help a client gain a better understanding of the options that are available. An attorney in Ohio can provide a client with advice on how to safeguard the reputation of his or her company and, if necessary, assist in pursuing compensation through a defamation lawsuit.

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