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Ex-wife of NBA player Matt Barnes files defamation lawsuit

Following the end of a marriage, it might not be all that uncommon for two individuals in Ohio to be at odds with each other for a time. With the recent advent of social media, it could be significantly less difficult to reach out to a multitude and voice one's opinions about a former spouse. The ex-wife of former NBA player Matt Barnes has filed a defamation lawsuit against her former spouse, claiming that he accused her of embezzlement and fraud through social media.

The woman reportedly asserts that, following the divorce, Barnes took to social media and accused her of embezzling money from joint bank accounts. He has also accused her of committing fraud by forging his name on numerous documents. In addition, she also claims he released statements through online sources alleging that she constantly refuses to allow him to visit their children.

Individuals who spend years in the spotlight of a public platform such as the NBA can amass a significant following through social media outlets. A multitude of others may have instant access to anything they post, and even if the information within is false, the accused party could suffer severe consequences in the process. She claims that his comments have caused substantial harm to her personal and professional reputation, and she is seeking restitution for unspecified damages.

Individuals who suffer harm due to malicious content posted on social media may wish to safeguard their reputations by seeking the removal of such content. Since this can be a challenging endeavor, a person in Ohio could find it beneficial to seek assistance from an attorney with experience in such intricate matters. An attorney can assist a client in protecting his or her reputation, and if necessary, in pursuing restitution through a defamation claim against the party or parties deemed responsible.

Source:, "Matt Barnes Sued by Ex-Wife Gloria Govan for Defamation", Ryan Naumann, May 10, 2018

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