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Doctor files lawsuit over negative internet reviews

When it comes to business-related interactions, many consumers in Ohio and elsewhere may wish to share their experiences with others. The internet makes it significantly less difficult for a person to find and read these reviews. Unfortunately, when writing a review, some may publish posts that go beyond a statement of opinion and attempt to harm a company's reputation. A doctor has recently filed a lawsuit that accuses a woman of defamation and libel after online reviews caused him to suffer emotional and professional harm.

The incident reportedly began when the woman visited the doctor for treatment. After receiving a bill for the visit, she allegedly sought to dispute certain charges, but claims that his office failed to respond. According to reports, she posted a scathing review to numerous websites such as Yelp and Healthgrades, and then proceeded to give his business a one star review on Facebook.

The doctor claims that the allegations listed within her reviews are false and says that the incident has caused him to suffer severe emotional distress. Many consumers use similar sources to find information about a business, and what they read could have a substantial influence on how they view a company. Even if the information within is false, one negative review could steer potential customers in a different direction entirely.

Internet sites such as Yelp and Facebook may provide individuals with an outlet with which to discuss their experiences. However, when someone uses these outlets to maliciously attack a person's professional reputation, the individual targeted could choose to consult with an attorney for advice on how best to handle the situation. An attorney can assist a client in Ohio in seeking the removal of false and damaging content and, if necessary, in pursuing restitution through the civil justice system.

Source: CBS New York, "Manhattan Doctor Sues Patient For $1 Million For Posting Negative Reviews Online", Lisa Rozner, May 29, 2018

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