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Defamation lawsuit to be filed regarding malicious Facebook video

Social media outlets such as Facebook provide users with the ability to post videos on a variety of topics. While many individuals in Ohio may use these outlets simply to post footage of family events, some may attempt to use a video to send a message to viewers. A group of county commissioners in another state have decided to file a defamation lawsuit against an animal rights activist after she posted a video on Facebook accusing them of being monsters.

According to the lawsuit, the activist posted a video through social media outlets accusing the council members of refusing to make improvements at a local shelter. In the video, the woman claims that the shelter decided to put a dog to sleep on the day of its arrival without attempting to contact the owners. They insist that although they have improved the live release rate at the shelter significantly, the activist and several others continue to be critical of their actions.

They claim that the activists have issued numerous videos and statements that were either misleading or false altogether. According to reports, the video in question was viewed by more than 6,000 others and shared by some, and the comments below the video included statements of harmful intent toward the council members. They assert that the information within the video was false and malicious in nature, and they are pursuing restitution through a defamation lawsuit.

Being attacked through social media outlets can be a daunting experience. Those who encounter defamation under similar circumstances could consult with an attorney for advice on the legal options available to them. An attorney in Ohio can assist a client in seeking the removal of false and harmful online content and assist in pursuing the restitution deserved through a claim against the party or parties deemed responsible.

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