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May 2018 Archives

Bank of America accused of defamation and wrongful termination

In some cases, it may take little more than the words of another person to prompt a reaction that leaves an individual in Ohio without a job. While the loss of employment alone can be challenging enough to handle, allegations of wrongful behavior can have a devastating impact on a person's life, even if the accusations are false. A man has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against Bank of America, claiming that his employment was terminated for unjust reasons.

Knowing how to handle defamation through internet sources

Many individuals in Ohio and elsewhere consider it essential to maintain a positive image through online sources. While the internet can provide a variety of potential benefits in cultivating a healthy reputation, there may also be a certain level of risk involved in using such a widespread platform. For those who are subjected to defamation through online sources, knowing how to properly handle the situation could be vital to protecting against unnecessary harm.