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Vuzix files defamation lawsuit regarding false report

When it comes to manufacturing and selling cutting edge technology, the level of competition between companies in Ohio and elsewhere can be significant. While many individuals may choose to be honest in their reviews of such products, in some cases, an ulterior motive may lead a person to try and discredit a product. A company has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a man after claiming that he intentionally spread false rumors about one of their devices through online sources for personal gain.

The company Vuzix reportedly filed the lawsuit after the man released a negative report concerning a pair of smartglasses it manufactures. In this report, it claims he released numerous unsubstantiated rumors about certain aspects of the product and some of the individuals who work at the company. However, the company says it stands behind its employees and the product and says it has since released a demonstration proving the device functions as intended.

After the report was published online, the company says that its stock prices began to drop significantly. It also asserts that the man is a known investor, and claims that he released the report so he could profit from this reduction. According to reports, Vuzix is seeking to recover as much as $80 million in damages.

False and harmful content can pose a significant threat to the future of a company. Those who wish to protect their business interests from such attacks could speak with an attorney for advice on their options for pursuing legal recourse. An attorney can evaluate the situation thoroughly and assist a client in Ohio in pursuing the removal of such content and the full amount of compensation entitled through a defamation lawsuit.

Source:, "Vuzix Seeks $80 Million in Defamation Lawsuit Over Unflattering Blade Smartglasses Report", Tommy Palladino, April 6, 2018

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