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Neurosurgeon files defamation lawsuit against the Seattle Times

Neurosurgeons in Ohio and elsewhere spend numerous years studying and training to operate within such a highly competitive field. Many spend even more time building a positive reputation within the community, and they may wish to protect their image should it come under fire. A neurosurgeon in another state has recently filed a lawsuit against the Seattle Times accusing it of defamation.

According to the lawsuit, the newspaper outlet published a series of stories suggesting the surgeon of negligence. These stories claimed the man was primarily focused on profit, stating that he would rush through operations in order to make time for additional surgeries. However, the man asserts the Times published this information with reckless disregard for the truth, and he states that he was working on a fixed salary during this period and was focused on providing quality care to his patients.

Following the release of this series, the man was forced to resign from his position as chairman of a prestigious institute. In addition, the state medical commission reached the decision to suspend his license soon thereafter. He has filed a libel lawsuit against the Times, and he is reportedly seeking the removal of several false and misleading statements in the story.

Unfortunately, something that can take years to cultivate could come to ruin in the blink of an eye. Those who suffer such harm due to the release of false and misleading information may find it beneficial to consult with an attorney for guidance on how best to approach the situation. An attorney can assist a client in Ohio in protecting his or her reputation, and if necessary, in pursuing restitution through a defamation lawsuit.

Source:, "Johnny Delashaw sues the Seattle Times for libel, defamation in federal court", Zack Hale, April 12, 2018

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