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1 accuses several news and media outlets of defamation

When a person in Ohio or elsewhere who operates in the world of politics is shot and killed by another individual, a variety of news and media outlets may rush to be the first to publish the story. While some outlets may stick to the facts as they are known, others might seek to fill in the blanks to try and explain why the incident occurred. A man has recently filed a defamation lawsuit after several news outlets attempted to link his brother's death to a conspiracy without any facts to back up their stories.

According to the lawsuit, several news outlets, including Fox News, published a story suggesting the man was involved in a conspiracy to release proprietary information and that he was shot as a result. Fox reportedly claimed that a private investigator had uncovered evidence linking the man to this act. However, the investigator has since revealed that he was unable to find such evidence and that the information in the story was provided to him by Fox News.

After the death of his brother, the man claims that he was also accused of involvement in the alleged conspiracy. He asserts that these allegations are false and that they have caused a great deal of harm to him and his family. Although Fox News removed the story from online sources after failing to uncover any evidence, he says that certain news outlets are still pursuing the story and continue to release harmful opinions.

False and harmful publications concerning a tragic death can be exceedingly detrimental to the victim's surviving family members. Those who wish to protect their reputations against such treatment could consult with an experienced attorney for advice on how best to approach the situation. An attorney can help a client in Ohio seek the removal of false information from online sources and assist in pursuing compensation through a defamation claim against the party or parties deemed responsible.

Source:, "Brother of Murdered Democratic Staffer Sues for Defamation", Brandi Buchman, March 27, 2018

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