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April 2018 Archives

Neurosurgeon files defamation lawsuit against the Seattle Times

Neurosurgeons in Ohio and elsewhere spend numerous years studying and training to operate within such a highly competitive field. Many spend even more time building a positive reputation within the community, and they may wish to protect their image should it come under fire. A neurosurgeon in another state has recently filed a lawsuit against the Seattle Times accusing it of defamation.

Former USC running back coach accuses NCAA of defamation

College sports is filled with allegations of special treatment and monetary favors on behalf of players. When a university in Ohio or elsewhere comes under investigation under similar circumstances, those who coach the players may be the first ones questioned, and being the subject of such an investigation can be a daunting experience. A former running back coach at the University of Southern California has filed a defamation lawsuit against the NCAA after an investigation left him without a future in coaching.

Vuzix files defamation lawsuit regarding false report

When it comes to manufacturing and selling cutting edge technology, the level of competition between companies in Ohio and elsewhere can be significant. While many individuals may choose to be honest in their reviews of such products, in some cases, an ulterior motive may lead a person to try and discredit a product. A company has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a man after claiming that he intentionally spread false rumors about one of their devices through online sources for personal gain.

Host of InfoWars at the center of another defamation lawsuit

When a major incident takes place, a multitude of news and media outlets in Ohio and across the nation may race to be the first to break the story. Unfortunately, some may go a bit too far and publish a story without having all the facts. Individuals who stand wrongfully accused of committing a crime under similar circumstances could suffer severely. A man has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against the host of InfoWars after he was wrongfully accused of involvement in a school shooting.

Addressing unwarranted and harmful internet reviews

When it comes to researching a company's products, many individuals in Ohio and elsewhere may rely on the reviews they read online. While the internet gives a business a means with which to reach a multitude of potential consumers, it may also open up certain levels of risk, as individuals could post reviews based on personal opinion rather than personal experience. Since negative reviews can have a substantial impact on the success of a company, it could prove essential to address them in the correct manner.

1 accuses several news and media outlets of defamation

When a person in Ohio or elsewhere who operates in the world of politics is shot and killed by another individual, a variety of news and media outlets may rush to be the first to publish the story. While some outlets may stick to the facts as they are known, others might seek to fill in the blanks to try and explain why the incident occurred. A man has recently filed a defamation lawsuit after several news outlets attempted to link his brother's death to a conspiracy without any facts to back up their stories.