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What is reputation management?

More than ever, what pops up on the first page of search engine results about you or your business influences your public reputation. This first impression could affect all other interactions with you or your company.

Reputation management is a multi-faceted approach to improving your reputation online by many methods. Used alone or as part of an overall program, the following techniques can enhance your online standing.


Monitoring what people say online about you or your business is an ongoing task in reputation management. Whether you are concerned about your businesses’ brand or what is said about you as an individual, having an expert monitoring service means that you’ll know what material is online at all times.


Removal of derogatory content about you on the internet can involve legal injunction and consists of getting content deleted from:

• Posts

• Blogs

• Discussion boards

In addition, search engine de-indexing readily removes the record of negative search engine results from the internet.


Online cyber detectives are skilled at finding anonymous individuals or groups that lurk online and create negative content about you or your organization. They trace and identify email and data origins so you are aware of who may be a threat to your reputation.

Creating positivity

Your reputation management strategy may include accentuating the positive through backlinks that rank high on search engines. These backlinks lift positive content in search results leaving any negative material behind.

Proactive instead of reactive

Once your online presence is a positive one, you can be proactive about your image instead of continually reacting to defamatory information on the internet. Often, there are legal considerations involved to get a person to take down harmful content, so retaining a reputation management company that has both legal and online expertise is preferred.

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