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What can victims of doxing do to end the abuse?

Even if you haven't heard the term "doxing" before, you have likely heard of the situation. For example, a person posts on an online forum under the guise of a username. Another user disagrees with their opinion or message, so they research the poster extensively to figure out who they really are. The user then posts their name and other information publicly, which allows other people to target and harass the person.

Doxing poses a significant danger to anyone who falls prey to this behavior. Some people may lose their hard-earned reputation while others may lose their job or suffer verbal and physical attacks. Regardless of the message or photo's contents, this is a violation of privacy.

Doxing is never "deserved"

Doxers often justify their malicious actions based on the idea that the victim deserves harassment. However, an individual should not take any form of morality or law enforcement upon themselves in such a hostile manner. Criminal accusations, for example, are best left to judges and juries in the established court system. Disputes over payments and business are better left private. Personal and lifestyle choices are also not a good reason to dox someone. The resulting harassment can have a severe impact on the victim and their loved ones.

Removing every trace

In many cases of this type of cyber bullying, harassment might not simply vanish over time. Due to the nature of the internet, users can keep sharing identification. Victims may suffer continuous harm as a result. Even if the original post is reported and removed on the original source, it might take considerable measures to finally end the chain across the internet. Luckily, tracking technology may be able to detect these users.

Seeking justice against doxers

Doxing isn't usually an illegal behavior on its own, but it can still involve unlawful activity. Stalking, assault, defamation and other issues may follow an instance of doxing. Victims may wish to identify a doxer or other person who abuses the information - not to repeat their actions, but to pursue justice in court and stop the harassment.

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