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Settlement reached in defamation lawsuit over kidnapping

Being the victim in a kidnapping can be a terrifying experience that could stay with an individual throughout the rest of his or her life. However, being accused of faking the incident might be even more devastating, and such allegations may cause a person in Ohio to experience unjust treatment and loss of reputation. Two individuals in another state have recently reached a settlement with a police department in relation to a defamation lawsuit they filed after they were accused of faking a kidnapping.

The incident reportedly began when authorities received reports of a kidnapping. A few days later, the victim was located several hundred miles from her home and was in possession of an overnight bag. She claimed that a man had held her against her will, but upon questioning the woman and her fiance, law enforcement agents claimed she didn't behave like a victim and began accusing the two of creating a hoax.

An investigation into a robbery nearly three months later turned up evidence linking a man to the kidnapping, and he was subsequently convicted and sentenced to prison. The couple asserts they suffered significant damage to their reputations after being accused of faking the incident and they were eventually forced to relocate to another area. According to reports, they recently reached a settlement with the other party in the amount of $2.5 million.

The damage one may experience under similar circumstances can be severe. Individuals who are subjected to such treatment may wish to protect themselves, but without experience in the area, they could be uncertain about the next steps to take. By retaining the services of an experienced attorney, a person in Ohio could obtain some much-needed assistance in pursuing the compensation deserved through a defamation claim.

Source:, "Woman, fiance wrongly accused of kidnapping hoax settle defamation lawsuit against Vallejo police", March 16, 2018

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