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Man files defamation lawsuit against several conspiracy theorists

When an individual in Ohio or elsewhere is falsely accused of being involved in a conspiracy to commit a crime, he or she may suffer in a variety of ways. In addition to any damage done to one's reputation, his or her safety may also be placed at risk, and receiving threats of intent to harm can be a harrowing experience. A man has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against several individuals, claiming that each one used his or her presence on social media to accuse him of being involved in a conspiracy theory.

The lawsuit reportedly stems from a recent incident in another state where several individuals were injured and another was killed by a man who drove a vehicle into a group during a protest. The man who filed the lawsuit reportedly caught the incident on camera, and later posted it online to prove the attack was intentional. However, he claims that several individuals used his position within the State Department to conjure a story, asserting that he played a role in the incident as part of a political conspiracy.

Although the man asserts that these stories are completely false, he says that each of the individuals used their presence on social media to convince followers of the opposite. After the stories were released, the man states that his reputation suffered a major blow, and that he began losing friends soon thereafter. He also claims he has received numerous death threats, including one letter that held a suspicious white substance.

No individual should be forced to endure such treatment due to false stories published through social media outlets. Individuals who experience such hardships may choose to protect their reputations by consulting with an attorney for guidance. An attorney can assist a client in Ohio in seeking the removal of false and damaging information from online sources and assist in pursuing restitution through a defamation lawsuit against the party or parties deemed responsible.

Source: CNN, "Charlottesville witness files defamation suit against InfoWars and other far-right figures", Oliver Darcy, March 13, 2018

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