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January 2018 Archives

College basketball coach accuses 2 of defamation, files lawsuit

The world of college sports has been filled with allegations of wrongful acts of late, and the careers of many coaches in Ohio and elsewhere have been placed on the line in the process. However, an allegation of wrongdoing doesn't automatically infer guilt, and those who are subjected to unwarranted accusations may wish to protect their reputation. A college basketball coach in another state has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against two others, claiming they have inflicted a great deal of harm upon his reputation.

Political candidate files defamation lawsuit against opponent

Certain fields of employment can be exceedingly competitive, such as those pertaining to politics. While in some cases, disputes among political opponents in Ohio and elsewhere can be nothing more than a mere war of words, in others they may involve malicious allegations that could prove harmful to the reputations of those involved. A man in another state has recently filed a lawsuit against a county assessor, accusing him of defamation.

1 files lawsuit re repeated harassment through internet sources

The advances in social media have made it much easier for individuals in Ohio and elsewhere to stay in touch. However, the ease of access provided through such internet sources may also come with a certain level of risk, as the information posted within is subject to the writer's decisions. As such, a person could take to social media to spread harmful opinions about another party, potentially leaving the victim to suffer the effects of cyberbullying.

Cleveland Orchestra musician sues two for defamation

For accomplished individuals who operate in or near the top of their field, reputation can be critical. Particularly in cases where one is a public figure, disparaging comments, when amplified, can have lasting, damaging effects. A trombonist for the Cleveland Orchestra recently brought a defamation suit against two detractors who he claims engaged in such a smear online.

Car dealership accuses television news station of defamation

With the recent growth in use of social media platforms, many television and radio news stations in Ohio and elsewhere have taken to applications such as Facebook to publish stories. While in many cases, such publications may be completely harmless, should a story include incorrect and damaging allegations concerning another party, this entity may choose to pursue restitution. A car dealership in another state has recently filed a defamation claim against a television news station, accusing it of publishing harmful and misleading information.

2 accuse former city council candidate of defamation

Many individuals in Ohio and across the country consider a positive reputation to be essential in various aspects of life. Those who experience malicious attacks on their reputation may wish to protect themselves, but they may be uncertain how best to approach the situation. Two individuals in another state have recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a former city council candidate in relation to comments that were made through various public outlets.

Maintaining a healthy business image through internet sources

Many business owners in Ohio and elsewhere consider it vital to maintain a healthy image through a variety of sources. With the ever-expanding nature of internet and social media outlets, owners may be able to reach a multitude of potential customers, simply by staying active through online sources. However, this ease of access could also leave a company somewhat vulnerable to attacks, and taking steps to safeguard its online reputation could prove essential to future growth.

Are You A Victim Of Defamation?

Information speeds across the world on the internet at an unprecedented volume not encountered at any time in the world’s history. We all know that not all of it is positive; in fact, some of it is false and malicious. If you have ever found information on the internet about yourself that you disagree with, is it defamatory?