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High school coach files defamation lawsuit against superintendent

Many individuals in Ohio and across the country put a great deal of time and effort into the things they deem important. An attack on a person's reputation could threaten these areas of life, and those who experience a similar circumstance may wish to protect themselves from unnecessary suffering. A former high school football coach has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a school superintendent after claiming his dismissal damaged his reputation.

According to reports, the coach was fired in relation to allegations that he was verbally abusive toward his players, and had applied excessive force when breaking up a fight. However, the coach claims the accusations are unfounded, and that his role in each of his player's lives was important to him. He asserts that he placed a high priority on their well-being, and would never lay a hand on any of them to do them harm.

According to the lawsuit, the superintendent released public statements accusing him of abuse and neglect before an investigation into the matter had produced any results. The lawsuit alleges the superintendent used the situation to further his or her career. The coach says he has experienced trouble obtaining another coaching position following the incident, and is seeking to clear his name and continue the work he feels important.

When an individual releases harmful statements about another without gathering the facts, the damage done to the victim can be devastating. Those who experience a similar situation may wish to protect important areas of their lives, but the process can be intimidating, and seeking guidance could be advisable. By speaking with an attorney, an individual in Ohio can obtain assistance in protecting his or her reputation through a defamation claim against the party or parties deemed culpable.

Source:, "Fired Bulkeley High School football coach files defamation lawsuit", Jenna Deangelis, Sept. 27, 2017

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