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Defamation claim over online attacks ends with settlement

Many individuals in Ohio and across the country have taken to online sources to air their grievances at some point in life. While in many cases, these situations may be short-lived and uneventful, in others, an individual can suffer a great deal of harm. A man in another state has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against the creator of a website who reportedly posted numerous false statements that damaged his reputation.

According to the lawsuit, the other individual posted numerous statements on the website, accusing the man of nefarious dealings in the community. The allegations posted on the site included improper reductions to property values and accusations of insider profiting. However, the man claims that the allegations were malicious and unfounded, and had a devastating impact on his reputation within the community.

He also claims the other individual took to social media with false accusations, which disrupted a pavilion project he was working on in the area. Along with seeking to recover damages suffered in the process, he filed the lawsuit in hopes of keeping the other party from publishing additional false statements through online sources. According to reports, both sides recently reached a settlement, the details of which were not provided.

Defamation of this nature can do a substantial amount of harm to the reputation of an individual, personally and professionally. Those subjected to such attacks through online sources may wish to seek accountability through the civil justice system, but the process can be stressful and challenging. When facing a similar circumstances, a person in Ohio could consult an experienced attorney for advice on the best course of action with which to proceed, as well as guidance on how to protect his or her reputation against further damage.

Source:, "Apparent settlement in defamation lawsuit," Bob Kasarda, Oct. 9, 2017

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