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When you have posted something embarrassing on Facebook

This happens to many people. You say or post something online, and it feels fine when you post it - but later you realize you have made a mistake.

Let's say you posted an identifiable picture on Facebook of yourself smoking a joint at a party. The friends you intended to post the picture for are amused. In the light of day, however, you realize almost anyone can see it - the school you attend or want to attend, the employer you work for or want to work for, complete strangers who you don't want to think badly of you.

What can you do?

Facebook provides content removal tools you can use. First, it will allow you to delete items you post yourself. You simply go the post, find the caret (^) in the right-hand corner of the post, and delete the post. You probably knew that already.

It is important to do this the very second you realize the item puts you in a bad light. If you wait a week, it is very possible a friend will share the item with their friends - and it is impossible to delete items from other people's pages unless they delete it themselves.

Untag yourself

Let's say a friend posted a goofy picture in which you are tagged or identified. Facebook allows you to untag yourself. Simply hover your mouse over the image, find the tag, right-click and delete the tag. You can remove the item from your profile, delete the tag, or mark the item as spam.

Matters become more difficult when friends post your picture on their pages. Your best course of action is to ask them nicely to remove it. A true friend will do that immediately, but as we know, Facebook friends are not always that kind of friend. In either case, it is important to be polite and reasonable. You do not want to trigger a war with this person.

It is a good practice to "snip" or make a screenshot of the item in question for ready reference.

Facebook is tough

If your friend ignores your polite request, you can try to contact Facebook - or the Facebook complaint app -- and ask for their help. Alas, there is no human being you can talk to. Communicating with Facebook is a challenge.

Facebook users may be able to offer suggestions. Some people -- but not many --have had success by emailing the company at [email protected]. Facebook provides a forum for users to share their woes. Facebook staff have been glimpsed intervening in these chat sessions.

Facebook allows you to submit a formal complaint via the Facebook Terms Violation Reporting Form. You may even call Facebook headquarters. Their number is 650-543-4800.

But -- you need to know that it is easier to scale the Transamerica Tower using suction cups than it is to get through to Facebook. Your best chances, if the usage of the item has risen to a criminal level, to have a policeman make this call.

No kidding

Facebook, whose stated mission is to bring people together, goes to great lengths not to be getting together with you.

The best advice in these matters may be these two points:

  1. Manage your privacy settings. Don't try to be friends with everyone in the world. Restrict communication with people who care about you, and will not violate your trust.
  2. Don't post items in the first place that make you look bad. Your reputation is precious - protect it as such!

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