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Resident in competitive field accuses university of defamation

Certain fields of employment are competitive by nature, leading many individuals in Ohio and elsewhere to endure years of extensive training. With a great deal on the line, an individual might not take an attack on his or her professional reputation lightly. A surgical resident in another state has recently filed a lawsuit against a well-known university, accusing it of several types of misconduct, including defamation.

According to the lawsuit, the resident has recently been subjected to numerous retaliatory attacks from her superiors, which she claims has forced her to repeat her fourth year of residency. She asserts that her previous experience as a nurse has led to unfair and unjust treatment. Although she apparently received numerous positive reviews from other surgeons, she says that the opinions of a few have tarnished her reputation and caused her to fall behind.

Since surgery can be a highly competitive field, an individual may place a substantial amount of importance on his or her reputation. Those subjected to attacks in this area can suffer tremendously. Being forced to repeat a year of residency might be viewed as a negative mark on one's record, which could in turn have an impact on a person's future employment opportunities.

Individuals who are subjected to defamation may wish to protect their reputation from unwarranted attacks, but this could be a challenging goal to achieve, especially alone. When facing a similar situation, a person could speak with an attorney for advice on the best course of action with which to proceed. An attorney can evaluate the situation and assist a client in Ohio in pursuing compensation and protecting his or her reputation from further harm.

Source:, "Surgical resident alleges defamation in lawsuit against St. Louis University", Ashley Jost, Aug. 31, 2017

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