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Defamation lawsuit claims couple used internet aliases in attacks

Many individuals in Ohio and elsewhere have experienced an attack on their reputation from another party who chooses to hide behind an internet alias. Using the anonymity of online sources, these individuals might falsely accuse others of criminal activity for a variety of reasons and may have little fear of consequences in the process. A recent defamation lawsuit has been filed against a married couple who allegedly attacked the reputation of another individual using similar methods.

According to the lawsuit, the couple made use of nearly 30 different internet aliases to accuse a public relations executive of numerous crimes. The allegations ranged anywhere from bribery to blackmail, and even fraud. The man claims that these accusations are completely fabricated and have caused a great deal of harm to his personal and professional reputation.

The other party has also raised concerns about the lawsuit, attempting to get it dismissed on the grounds that the man is a public figure. However, the man insists that his involvement in politics ceased over 40 years ago and that he is no longer a public figure. In a field such as public relations, any unwarranted attacks to one's reputation can have a devastating impact on business relations, and the man is reportedly seeking up to $16 million in damages.

Those who are targeted by false accusations through online sources may wish to protect themselves, but the process can be complex. When subjected to defamation through similar outlets, a person could choose to speak with an attorney for guidance on how to proceed. An attorney in Ohio can evaluate the situation and assist a client in pursuing compensation through a claim against the party or parties deemed culpable.

Source:, "$16M lawsuit over internet comments hits courtroom", Allison Pries, Aug. 31, 2017

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