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Confronting negative internet reviews could be crucial

Businesses in Ohio and elsewhere place a great deal of stock in reputation. Perhaps believing that the opinions and reviews of consumers may have a significant impact on the longevity of their enterprise, some companies might find the idea of confronting any bad reviews to be somewhat intimidating. However, if a business doesn't address the negative internet reviews, others may be influenced by a comment that could actually have no factual basis, and the company could suffer unnecessary consequences.

One aspect that might help a business in this area is the ability to differentiate between a bad review and an attack on its reputation. A disgruntled customer, or even a competitor, could use internet or social media platforms to attack a business, while disguising these malicious acts in the form of negative feedback. Staying active through online sources could help a company identify each one in turn, and help to address any potential concerns before it is too late.

While a company may feel as though a few bad reviews are inevitable, and with numerous positive reviews, the harm may be minimal. However, with many consumers relying on internet reviews to form opinions, all it takes is one negative comment to disrupt the flow of business. Companies who confront these issues, whether by attempting to resolve them with the customer or taking a stand against false and damaging attacks, may be able to protect their image and avoid a potential disaster.

Unfortunately, maintaining a strong internet presence isn't always enough, and some attacks cross the line from negative to harmful. When a company is facing similar circumstances, obtaining guidance from an experienced attorney could be in its best interests. By speaking with an attorney, a client in Ohio could obtain advice and assistance in protecting against attacks on reputation through whatever means necessary.

Source:, "Businesses Should Fight Back Against Online Attacks," John P. David, Aug. 17, 2017

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