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September 2017 Archives

Potential risks to brand reputation through internet sources

Social media may be an excellent platform with which a company in Ohio can grow its client base. The ease of access of such internet sources makes it significantly less difficult to reach a wide variety of potential consumers and promote products. However, along with the advantages of advertising through social media, companies may also face some risks, and understanding what forms these may take could assist in preventing a potential disaster.

Resident in competitive field accuses university of defamation

Certain fields of employment are competitive by nature, leading many individuals in Ohio and elsewhere to endure years of extensive training. With a great deal on the line, an individual might not take an attack on his or her professional reputation lightly. A surgical resident in another state has recently filed a lawsuit against a well-known university, accusing it of several types of misconduct, including defamation.

Defamation lawsuit claims couple used internet aliases in attacks

Many individuals in Ohio and elsewhere have experienced an attack on their reputation from another party who chooses to hide behind an internet alias. Using the anonymity of online sources, these individuals might falsely accuse others of criminal activity for a variety of reasons and may have little fear of consequences in the process. A recent defamation lawsuit has been filed against a married couple who allegedly attacked the reputation of another individual using similar methods.

1 negative internet review could do a great deal of damage

With the ease of access for online reviews, and a great deal of consumers relying on them for guidance, many businesses in Ohio and elsewhere consider it imperative to maintain a good reputation. Unfortunately, the internet can be a savage place, and some may find it easy to leave scathing remarks through a variety of review outlets. Since this can prove detrimental to the overall success of a company, gaining an understanding of how to handle the bad with the good could be advisable.

Confronting negative internet reviews could be crucial

Businesses in Ohio and elsewhere place a great deal of stock in reputation. Perhaps believing that the opinions and reviews of consumers may have a significant impact on the longevity of their enterprise, some companies might find the idea of confronting any bad reviews to be somewhat intimidating. However, if a business doesn't address the negative internet reviews, others may be influenced by a comment that could actually have no factual basis, and the company could suffer unnecessary consequences.