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The anonymity of the internet may embolden attackers

There may be numerous benefits afforded by the technological advancements of this day and age. The sheer ability to connect with others in Ohio and across the nation online in an instant is often beneficial enough on its own. However, the internet may also provide some with a sense of security, which could in turn increase the odds that they may attack another party without fearing the consequences.

Attacks made through the internet are a serious issue, and the damage done under similar circumstances can be devastating. The anonymity of similar sources could embolden some individuals to take action against others, even if the issue is simply a disagreement of beliefs. These attacks can also be exceedingly malicious, potentially intended to ruin one's personal and/or professional reputation.

Perhaps one of the most significant concerns is that these attacks could come from a person the victim doesn't even know. In these scenarios, the information that is provided for public view by the attacker could have no basis and be completely false, but it may be viewed anyway. With some of the most prevalent sources for such attacks being popular outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter, the information can spread instantly and the fallout could be challenging to overcome.

These attacks can cause a victim to suffer in numerous ways, potentially affecting one's career and/or personal life significantly. Those who are subjected to such attacks may seek to protect their reputation by seeking the removal of such content from the internet, potentially prompting a need for assistance. When facing a similar situation, a person in Ohio could speak with an attorney for assistance in navigating the process, as well as advice on how to protect against similar attacks down the road.

Source:, "Online Harassment In US Rising Because Anti-Cyberstalking Laws Are Not Enough," Pritha Paul, July 23, 2017

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