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Defamation lawsuit filed after man cleared of crime involvement

Being accused of a crime can be stressful and daunting, as allegations alone could do a significant amount of harm to a person's reputation within the community. Even if the charges are eventually dropped, the damage may already be done, especially if news outlets have already published their reports. Individuals in Ohio and elsewhere who face a similar situation may wish to protect important areas of life, which in some cases may lead to a defamation lawsuit.

A man in another state seeking to sue two media organizations after claiming to have suffered from reports about his arrest. According to reports, he was arrested in connection with the shooting of a police officer, but was never charged and was later cleared of any involvement. Unfortunately, news of the circumstances surrounding his arrest had already been circulated.

Having one's name circulated in connection with such a serious crime can be challenging to overcome, especially through such widespread outlets. When facing similar hardships, one may choose to pursue relief by having the information removed from the public eye. While the media organizations seek to block a requested retrial of the suit on basis of fair reporting privilege, a judge has granted the plaintiff's request and the issue is now subject to appeal.

With a great deal at stake in a similar situation, defending one's reputation against defamation may often be paramount. However, this can be challenging to achieve at times, potentially prompting a need for assistance throughout this stressful period in life. By speaking with an attorney, a client in Ohio could obtain advice on how to obtain the most favorable outcome possible through the necessary means.

Source:, "Times, KARE ask court to refuse second trial in Larson defamation case," Stephanie Dickrell, July 20, 2017

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