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2 coaches file defamation lawsuit over allegations of abuse

In the world of sports, competition can run high regardless of the age of those involved. Coaches of high school sports in Ohio and elsewhere may push kids to succeed, and in some cases, parents might not agree with their methods. Two baseball coaches in another state have recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a parent who reportedly accused them of abuse.

According to reports, the parent sent a letter to school administrators, claiming the coaches were physically and emotionally abusing baseball players. Among the allegations, the parent asserts the two men forced students to stand still while purposely throwing balls in their direction as part of a drill. This lead to an investigation by the Department of Children's Services, during which the men were removed from their coaching positions.

The investigation apparently failed to identify any signs of wrongdoing, and both men were cleared accordingly. However, they assert that the process has damaged their reputation and could potentially disrupt future employment opportunities, which can be harmful and challenging to overcome. When facing a similar situation, one could choose to pursue legal recourse, potentially prompting a need for assistance in the process.

Allegations of this nature can put a person under a public spotlight, and even if innocent of any wrong, he or she may suffer severely as a result. Those who are subjected to defamation may wish to pursue restitution for damages, but the process can be challenging to navigate alone. By speaking with an experienced attorney, a client in Ohio could obtain assistance in pursuing the compensation deserved through the necessary channels.

Source:, "Hardin Valley baseball coaches sue parent for defamation," Aug. 4, 2017

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