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Defamation: 1 wrongly accused of kidnapping, forced to relocate

Many individuals in Ohio and across the country have been involved in a situation where things are not what they seem. In some cases the misinterpretation of a situation may be easily rectifiable. Unfortunately, if this information is posted through social media with reckless disregard for the truth, even the best of intentions can be viewed as malicious. A man in another state who was recently subjected to such defamation has been forced to relocate with his family.

According to reports, the man came upon a young child who was walking around alone at a local softball field. He approached the girl and asked about her parents, and apparently proceeded to help her find them. The child attempted to run away, prompting the man to pick her up and carry her while he attempted to locate them. Eventually, the girl's father was told that the man was attempting to kidnap the girl, and when thefather saw the man holding her near the playground he evidently assaulted him.

Police have since investigated the matter, and assert that several witnesses say the man approached them and asked if they were her parents. They say that he was performing the duties of a good citizen, and has suffered as a result. The allegations of kidnapping and predatory behavior found their way onto social media and, after spreading quickly, forced the man and his family to move away from the area for their own safety.

When someone views such allegations on social media, they may often share the post, potentially believing that they are protecting others from a dangerous individual. However, no one should be forced to suffer and uproot their life on account of misinformation. When subjected to defamation through similar outlets, a victim in Ohio will often speak with an online reputation attorney for assistance in protecting his or herself from potentially devastating consequences.

Source:, "Man who helped lost girl flees town after being labeled a kidnapper", Amber Ferguson, June 27, 2017

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