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Coffee shop owner files defamation claim against business journal

Many business owners in Ohio and elsewhere have dealt with the fallout of a bad review at one point or another. However, if this review is a published story with serious allegations, one may stand to lose a great deal more than a few potential customers. A man in a neighboring state has filed a defamation lawsuit after he claims that a recently story caused him to lose numerous business partners and deals.

The owner of Bow Truss coffee shops claims that a story published by a leading business journal published an article that was intended to harm his reputation. The man asserts the article states that he is well connected and has made numerous enemies over time. He says the piece caused potential investors to turn away, and also led some of the company's business relationships with various partners to deteriorate.

According to the lawsuit, the article cast a negative light on the man's reputation without any regard to the positives. One person who was reportedly interviewed by Crain's Chicago Business says that he had numerous positive things to say about the man, none of which were actually in the story. This person says that he felt misled by the interview, which could often be a tactic used by companies who target a person or business.

Countless businesses have lost potential clients and partnerships following a misleading and damaging publication. Those who fall victim to defamation of this nature may often wish to pursue restitution for damages, but the process can be complex. By speaking with an experienced attorney, a client in Ohio could obtain guidance in pursuing compensation as well as assistance in the removal of harmful content and advice concerning protection against further damage.

Source: NBC Chicago, "'Bow Truss' Coffee Shop Owner Suing Crain's for $38 Million", July 8, 2017

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