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July 2017 Archives

College football coach accuses former employer of defamation

When facing an investigation for various violations, an individual may often seek to pin the blame on someone else. When a person in Ohio or elsewhere is subjected to defamation under similar circumstances, the damage to his or her reputation could be significant. A college football coach has recently filed a lawsuit against his former employer after he claims the school attempted to smear his reputation.

Safeguarding against reputation damage via internet sources

Businesses are not the only entities that may have to worry about managing their online reputation. A person can find about anything on the internet, which could also include information about a specific person as well. Individuals in Ohio and elsewhere may find it beneficial to keep a close watch on their online reputation, as damaging content that is left alone could create a variety of hardships down the road.

Coffee shop owner files defamation claim against business journal

Many business owners in Ohio and elsewhere have dealt with the fallout of a bad review at one point or another. However, if this review is a published story with serious allegations, one may stand to lose a great deal more than a few potential customers. A man in a neighboring state has filed a defamation lawsuit after he claims that a recently story caused him to lose numerous business partners and deals.

Is your personal brand at risk?

When you hear the word “brand,” you may think of a specific company, the field of marketing or even picture a specific logo. However, brands are not only for large corporations. Each individual, including you, is stamped with a personal brand. Managing your brand takes work, and failing to look into, and improve, your brand can have negative consequences in both your professional and personal lives.

Defamation: 1 wrongly accused of kidnapping, forced to relocate

Many individuals in Ohio and across the country have been involved in a situation where things are not what they seem. In some cases the misinterpretation of a situation may be easily rectifiable. Unfortunately, if this information is posted through social media with reckless disregard for the truth, even the best of intentions can be viewed as malicious. A man in another state who was recently subjected to such defamation has been forced to relocate with his family.

Rolling Stone settles defamation lawsuit over discredited story

Certain magazines are circulated nationally and attract the attention of countless individuals in Ohio and elsewhere. Although many may read these stories for updates on particular interests, such as celebrities or popular fashions, in some cases, similar magazines may also publish news involving alleged crimes. When publishing such a story, journalists need to take extra care to gather the facts; otherwise, a magazine may face a defamation lawsuit.