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Seeking guidance when internet revenge takes a toll on reputation

When a relationship goes south, whether personal or professional, the fallout can be devastating. While many individuals may choose to focus on moving on, unfortunately, some choose to turn their attention to revenge instead. Countless individuals in Ohio and elsewhere have been the subject of such attacks, which often leads to personal information or images being posted on multiple outlets via the internet.

This type of situation could be more common among personal relationships, where a person may feel more comfortable sharing information and, in some cases, graphic photos. Belief that the relationship will last may only increase the comfort level, but if the partnership comes to a close, failing to recover or delete documents and/or images could have disastrous consequences. Should the other party feel inclined, a person may find his or herself pictured on numerous websites.

When a person's photos, especially explicit ones, are placed online without his or her permission, the damage done could be catastrophic. With the fast spreading nature of the internet, such images could be viewed by an innumerable number of individuals, perhaps even friends and family, or even colleagues. Aside from potentially being incredibly embarrassing, this could cause a significant amount of damage to a person's reputation as well.

Regardless of the reasons behind such actions, acts of revenge can have a devastating effect on a person. Those who are subjected to such attacks often seek to remove the damaging content from the internet, but the process can be complex. When facing a similar situation, a person in Ohio could speak with an attorney for assistance throughout this stressful period, as well as advice on how to protect against further attacks moving forward.

Source: Time, "'It's Like Having an Incurable Disease': Inside the Fight Against Revenge Porn", Charlotte Alter, June 13, 2017

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