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Reputation is often imperative for internet startup businesses

Businesses of all kinds spring up constantly thanks to innovations to technology. Entrepreneurs in Ohio and across the country often make good use of the internet to promote and sell a variety of products. In many cases, these companies rely on an excellent reputation to remain successful. With so many competitors in almost every known field, an attack on the reputation of an online business can do a great deal of harm to its future.

Companies often place a great deal of importance on brand reputation, forming strategies to attract potential customers. It may take a while, but over time many startup businesses have accumulated a sizable client base, as well as numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers. Unfortunately, at some point a business is bound to receive a bad review.

There may be numerous factors that can lead to a negative review, such as a single defective product that requires replacement. However, sometimes these comments can be significantly more malicious. A damaging review, even a false one, can be especially tough on a startup business, potentially impacting its financial growth, which can be challenging to overcome.

Staying proactive in the reputation of a business can be beneficial, but in some cases a problem can get out of hand. When a person's company is attacked with false and damaging statements through the internet, he or she might require assistance from an attorney in removing the content and protecting the online reputation of the company. An attorney can also advise a client in Ohio on how to protect his or her company from damaging content moving forward.

Source:, "Why Your Startup Needs to Protect Its Online Reputation From Day 1", Andrew Medal, May 26, 2017

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