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Defamation can harm a victim's chance at future employment

When an individual is accused of a crime, the harm to his or her reputation can be catastrophic. In some cases, a person in Ohio could be targeted with allegations without actually being guilty of anything. A former district leader in another state has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a school district after he was placed on leave for allegedly taking money out of an event fund.

According to reports, an employee of the district filed a report with police concerning the discovery of certain irregularities within an event fund. The district leader was in charge of that fund, and two days later he was placed on leave. In the lawsuit, the man claims that he was targeted specifically, and that other district leaders have also been targeted or demoted recently.

After the man filed a defamation lawsuit in an attempt to protect his reputation, the school district eventually agreed to a settlement in the amount of $100,000, along with the promise of a letter of recommendation for future employment. The man claims to have suffered significantly throughout this lengthy process. Reportedly, he has yet to find employment within a similar field following the incident, which could be a result of the attack on his reputation.

Defamation can be devastating to a person in any line of work. Individuals who have experienced such challenges often seek to protect their future from undesirable consequences. A person in Ohio who is facing a similar situation will often speak with an attorney for advice on available legal options. An attorney can evaluate a client's situation and help protect his or her reputation from further damage.

Source:, "Charleston County School District settles James Winbush defamation lawsuit for $100,000", Paul Bowers, May 23, 2017

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