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Allegations of abuse via Facebook result in defamation claim

Individuals who are active on social media often acquire a significant number of followers who view their content on a daily basis. Although many status updates may simply involve pictures of travel or harmless opinions, in some cases, an individual may use this platform to make malicious statements about another party or parties. In the event that a false and damaging statement harms the reputation of an individual in Ohio, a defamation lawsuit may soon follow.

Two school board members have recently filed a claim against another member, alleging she posted harmful content through a Facebook account, in which she has as many as 1,700 followers. They say that the woman accused them of child abuse, while knowing that the statement was false. According to the claim, the two assert that the woman was intentionally attempting to damage their reputation in order to further her own interests.

Although a complaint was filed and a subsequent investigation initiated by Child Protective Services, they claim the woman was fully aware that CPS was unable to find sufficient evidence to support allegations. However, allegations alone can do significant damage to a person's reputation within the community. Spreading false information through social media may only increase the difficulty of the situation, and the victims may pursue legal recourse if subjected to such an attack.

Victims of defamation through Facebook and other social media outlets often seek to protect themselves from further harm, but the process can be complex. When facing such a challenging situation, a person in Ohio might retain the services of an attorney for assistance in ordering the removal of such content. An attorney can also provide a client with advice on how to protect his or her reputation moving forward.

Source:, "School Board Member Sued For Defamation, More", June 23, 2017

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