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June 2017 Archives

Allegations of abuse via Facebook result in defamation claim

Individuals who are active on social media often acquire a significant number of followers who view their content on a daily basis. Although many status updates may simply involve pictures of travel or harmless opinions, in some cases, an individual may use this platform to make malicious statements about another party or parties. In the event that a false and damaging statement harms the reputation of an individual in Ohio, a defamation lawsuit may soon follow.

Seeking guidance when internet revenge takes a toll on reputation

When a relationship goes south, whether personal or professional, the fallout can be devastating. While many individuals may choose to focus on moving on, unfortunately, some choose to turn their attention to revenge instead. Countless individuals in Ohio and elsewhere have been the subject of such attacks, which often leads to personal information or images being posted on multiple outlets via the internet.

Beef Products Inc. files defamation lawsuit against ABC

While many businesses in Ohio and elsewhere might offer a variety of products, some make the majority of profit off one product alone. Whether it is sold directly to customers or supplied to other businesses for use, it might be instrumental in the overall success of the company. If this product comes under fire unjustly, a company could face significant financial losses and may seek to protect its future through a defamation lawsuit.

Safeguarding against unwarranted attacks through the internet

A person can read reviews for almost any product through online sources. Whether positive or negative, when a review is uploaded to the internet, it becomes a permanent fixture that is available for anyone to see. While transparency can be healthy for a business in Ohio, in some cases a dissatisfied customer might leave a malicious remark that does an immeasurable amount of harm to the reputation of a business.

Pursuing legal recourse when subjected to defamation

Whether for business or personal reasons, or both, many individuals place a great deal of stock in online reputation. Some spend years building up a good reputation, perhaps believing it to be beneficial in numerous areas of life. When this area is attacked by another party, individuals in Ohio and elsewhere often seek to protect themselves from the potential damage of defamation.

How did I end up on

Lately you may have come across various "consumer gripe websites" which offer an opportunity for unhappy consumers to vent about products, people, goods, services and pretty much anything else. Even if your company refunds the unhappy customer or remediates the situation, your customer may be unable to remove the now outdated offensive and false post. Under many websites' terms of service, the author assigns away his or her rights to the post and it is at the website's sole and absolute discretion on whether to remove the offensive post.

Defamation can harm a victim's chance at future employment

When an individual is accused of a crime, the harm to his or her reputation can be catastrophic. In some cases, a person in Ohio could be targeted with allegations without actually being guilty of anything. A former district leader in another state has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a school district after he was placed on leave for allegedly taking money out of an event fund.

Reputation is often imperative for internet startup businesses

Businesses of all kinds spring up constantly thanks to innovations to technology. Entrepreneurs in Ohio and across the country often make good use of the internet to promote and sell a variety of products. In many cases, these companies rely on an excellent reputation to remain successful. With so many competitors in almost every known field, an attack on the reputation of an online business can do a great deal of harm to its future.