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Man files defamation lawsuit re accusations on internet blog

Reputation is key to the success of countless individuals in Ohio and across the country. Being accused of a crime can do a great deal of damage to anyone. The leader of a home-school Christian ministry has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against three individuals after a blog was published on the internet, accusing him of improper contact with a minor several years prior.

According to reports, a woman recently posted a blog, alleging that the man engaged in improper conduct with her on numerous occasions several years ago. The man claims that her husband also approached him with a video of allegations, claiming that the video would eventually end up online. After posting the blog, it evidently attracted attention, and a law professor allegedly shared a link to it through a social media account.

The man asserts that the woman was once close with his daughters, and that he has received small gestures of affection from her in the past, but denies any wrongdoing in the process. According to the lawsuit, the professor that shared the link did so without investigating the merits of the allegations. When information of this nature is circulated through social media with a reckless disregard for the truth, the damage can be significantly more challenging to overcome.

Individuals in Ohio who face similar challenges through the internet and social media often seek assistance in removing the information and protecting themselves in the future. Those in need of such assistance will often speak with an attorney with experience in consumer protection issues. An attorney can help a client throughout this stressful and challenging process and advise them on how to safeguard against defamation in the future.

Source:, "Campbell County ministry leader files defamation lawsuit", Christopher Cole, May 15, 2017

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