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Libel and slander by media group allegedly politically driven

Individuals who are in pursuit of a government position may have a tendency to be extremely competitive by nature. Although competition can be healthy in some situations, in some cases it can lead a candidate to attempt to bring down his or her opponent/s. Although at the time a person may believe these accusations to be mere words, victims of libel and slander in Ohio can suffer serious damage in various areas of life, personal and professional alike.

The director of a water district in another state has recently filed a libel lawsuit against a media group following allegations of extortion. The newspaper apparently published an article accusing the director of attempting to extort campaign contributions from a housing developer. The writer claims to have two separate sources that can confirm the information in the article. However, a former employee of the group has reportedly raised concerns about the validity of the witnesses.

The former employee claims that the witnesses are political opponents of the director. The director says that the information in the article is completely false, and was written in an effort to ruin her reputation and reduce her chances of re-election. She also stated that she has endured multiple years of harassment from the media group, dating back to her election in 2012.

Victims of libel and slander through media outlets often wish to get ahead of the accusations by removing the damaging information from the view of the public. However, navigating this process alone can be challenging, prompting many victims in Ohio to seek legal counsel for assistance. An attorney with experience in content removal can assist a client throughout this stressful and intimidating period in life.

Source:, "Central Basin director sues Hews Media Group for libel", Mike Sprague, April 21, 2017

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