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Are Online Reviews For Businesses Accurate?

For most businesses, online reviews are a part of life. They appear across the Internet. Facebook, Google and Yelp are some of the more widely viewed review platforms. It is clear that these reviews influence consumers' decisions in everything from what products to buy to what restaurants to dine at to where to get an oil change.

But how accurate are online reviews really?

Internet Reviews Are Inherently Flawed

An article from the New York Times pointed out the ways in which Internet reviews are inherently flawed. First of all, these reviews are not, for the most part, being written by neutral third parties. There is indication that many businesses attempt to buy reviews.

Businesses trying to influence positive reviews may not even be the biggest problem. Perhaps more distressing are the number of negative reviews written by people who may have an axe to grind that has little or nothing to do with what is actually being reviewed.

The article cites how the reviews of TV shows aimed at women are being sabotaged by men. This is not uncommon. Reviewers may leave negative reviews of something not because they have tried it and do not like it, but because they have decided that it is bad or they disagree with it politically or socially. They may have a problem with the business owner or someone who works there that has nothing to do with the business or its products. Whatever the reason, these negative reviews can be defamatory and damaging.

What Can A Business Do To Fight Harmful Reviews?

Many business owners think that there is nothing they can do when they get a negative review on Yelp, Google, Facebook or another online review platform. That is not necessarily the case. In fact, removing a negative review may be easier than it seems, with the help of an experienced attorney.

An attorney skilled in reputation management will be well-versed in a variety of legal methods that could lead to removal of unwanted, untrue or threatening reviews on a variety of online review platforms, as well as well as on business complaint websites such as Businesses do have options for fighting negative reviews.

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