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May 2017 Archives

Are Online Reviews For Businesses Accurate?

For most businesses, online reviews are a part of life. They appear across the Internet. Facebook, Google and Yelp are some of the more widely viewed review platforms. It is clear that these reviews influence consumers' decisions in everything from what products to buy to what restaurants to dine at to where to get an oil change.

Man files defamation lawsuit re accusations on internet blog

Reputation is key to the success of countless individuals in Ohio and across the country. Being accused of a crime can do a great deal of damage to anyone. The leader of a home-school Christian ministry has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against three individuals after a blog was published on the internet, accusing him of improper contact with a minor several years prior.

2 file defamation suit following allegations of corruption

Freedom of speech is often a controversial topic among individuals in Ohio and other states across the country. Individuals often claim this right when posting opinions and/or beliefs through online sources. However, some of these posts are false and malicious, and are made with a reckless disregard for the potential damage they can bring. Two people in a neighboring state have recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a local restaurant owner for statements made via Facebook.

Art museum claims libel and slander have damaged business

Certain businesses in Ohio and elsewhere often rely on donations and investments to continue operations within a specific field. Owners and operators of similar ventures work hard on building a positive reputation, generally considering this aspect to be paramount to the success of a business. If subjected to libel and slander, securing future investments can become challenging, and the future of a business might subsequently be at risk.

Opinions posted on the internet can be malicious and damaging

A vast number of companies and individuals in Ohio and across the country have taken to using Twitter to post various comments, some factual and some based purely on opinions. These comments are immediately available to a multitude of viewers via the internet. In some cases, similar posts can be extremely malicious and cause a great deal of damage to the reputation of the party targeted.

Libel and slander by media group allegedly politically driven

Individuals who are in pursuit of a government position may have a tendency to be extremely competitive by nature. Although competition can be healthy in some situations, in some cases it can lead a candidate to attempt to bring down his or her opponent/s. Although at the time a person may believe these accusations to be mere words, victims of libel and slander in Ohio can suffer serious damage in various areas of life, personal and professional alike.

State trooper accuses 2 of defamation via publicly broadcasted ad

Divorce is one of the most stressful and challenging periods in life a person can experience, especially when children are involved. The fallout of the end of a marriage can be brutal, with heightened emotions often leading individuals to make hurtful and damaging remarks. Unfortunately, with current technology these remarks can end up in view of the public, which can be challenging to overcome. When facing defamation on such a public platform, many victims in Ohio find themselves in need of assistance to protect their reputation.