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Woman files defamation lawsuit for derogatory posts on Facebook

Online applications such as Facebook are generally considered an excellent way for individuals to keep in touch. While there are various rules in place to govern what a person may or may not post in similar applications, for the most part an individual in Ohio is able to voice his or her opinion freely. Unfortunately, these opinions can be malicious at times and have a devastating impact on a person's reputation. A real estate agent in another state has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against several individuals in relation to posts on her business Facebook page.

The agent claims that several comments were posted to the page, going as far as comparing her to the devil. She claims that numerous comments were posted following her recent vote to allow a gas pipeline project to proceed. The comments also accuse her or being rude and unprofessional. She says that the posts could potentially disrupt her business, which could be challenging to overcome.

She also advises that she has never had any business dealings with any of the individuals listed in the lawsuit. For many real estate agents, a good reputation is invaluable when dealing with the public on a daily basis. When a person makes comments of this nature about an individual he or she never even met, the damage can be catastrophic, even if statements are unfounded.

When facing defamation through online sources, an individual may wish to remove the damaging content and protect his or her reputation. Since this process can be complex, a person who is facing a similar situation may choose to retain the service of an experienced attorney for assistance in the process. An attorney in Ohio can also assist an individual in protecting his or her reputation moving forward.

Source:, "Pinelands member sues over online comments", Joseph P. Smith, March 28, 2017

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