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Damaging posts on electronic billboard lead to defamation lawsuit

Many individuals over recent years have taken to social media to exercise their right to free speech. While this has led to a battle of words among some individuals in Ohio, in some cases these arguments do not result in harm to either party. However, if similar incidents get out of hand, they can cause significant pain and suffering if the situation is not brought under control. A man in another state has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a mortgage broker concerning several damaging comments that were posted on an electronic billboard.

Reportedly, the broker used the electronic billboard to post several comments accusing the man of criminal activity. He posted pictures of the man on the billboard, accompanied by claims that he was an attempted murderer and an extortionist, among other various comments. Apparently, the billboard is clearly visible in its position next to a local mall.

A judge reportedly ruled against the broker after he was apparently unable to validate any of the allegations. The man, who is known for his charitable work within the community, claims that he and his family have suffered on account of the sign. The two individuals apparently had previous business-related contact, and in some cases when one party is unsatisfied with business dealings, a similar outcome is possible.

There are many aspects of a similar situation that may be challenging to overcome. If an individual is the subject of defamation through electronic and/or online sources, he or she may want to remove the content as soon as possible. Since this can be complex, an individual in Ohio may speak with a knowledgeable attorney for assistance in navigating the process, which may help to avoid further damage.

Source:, "Judge rules against billboard owner in defamation lawsuit", Doug Alden, April 5, 2017

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