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Business owners suffer severely when subjected to defamation

Business owners are presented with various challenges every day. Many business owners in Ohio spend years building a client base and consider a good reputation to be key during the process. When an individual in a similar situation is subjected to defamation, the subsequent damage can be catastrophic. A wedding planner has recently filed a lawsuit against a former employee, claiming she is making damaging comments in an attempt to steal away clients.

The wedding planner claims that after hiring the woman, she began to teach her about the business and quickly promoted her to managing partner. Reportedly following talks of a buyout, the planner switched the name of the company to include the woman at great cost. She claims that the woman began to speak about her with clients in a negative manner in an attempt to ruin her reputation.

After a time, the woman left the company and started her own business within the same field. The planner claims that the woman copied client information before leaving and then attempted to steal numerous clients. She alleges that the woman told clients that she was bipolar and crazy, along with other derogatory comments in an attempt to secure clientele.

Business owners can suffer severe harm to reputation as a result of defamation. Damaging comments of this nature often end up online, causing them to spread rapidly regardless of whether they are actually true. Business owners may seek to remove the damaging content from the internet, but often find the process challenging. When facing a similar situation, individuals in Ohio often speak with an experienced attorney for assistance in the process and help in preventing any future damage from occurring.

Source: West Hollywood, CA Patch, "West Hollywood Events Planning Company Sued For Defamation", March 24, 2017

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