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Adding false details into stories can lead to defamation lawsuits

The technological advances of the internet have given countless individuals and companies a platform in which to voice their opinions. Companies in Ohio who operate through online sources and social media often express their own view of stories and events, and may in some cases add in details to attract additional viewers. Unfortunately, these added details can be misleading, or worse, subsequently damaging a person's reputation and leading to a defamation lawsuit.

In a recent lawsuit under similar circumstances, a popular yogurt company (Chobani) has accused the founder of InfoWars of publishing false statements about its own founder. Reportedly, the man published information that indicated this person was connected to the recent sexual assault of a 5-year-old girl. This crime is said to have occurred at the hands of several young immigrants, and in his rendition of the incident, the man allegedly added the accused individual into the story without evidence to support his claims.

He then proceeded to advise readers that the individual in question was responsible for importing and hiring refugees that have increased crime and disease within the area. Similar comments can be damaging to a person in various ways, and the fallout of allegations may be challenging to overcome. According to reports, the man has been asked to remove the content, but he has apparently failed to comply.

Statements made online, even false ones, have a way of spreading rapidly and uncontrollably. With the copy and paste status nature of social media, if a person does not gain control of the situation quickly, the process can become significantly more difficult to manage. When facing such a challenging process, victims of defamation often speak with an experienced attorney in Ohio for assistance in taking down damaging content and seeking a judgment for monetary damages in appropriate circumstances.

Source:, "Yogurt Company Chobani Sues Alex Jones For Defamation", Kristin Salaky, April 24, 2017

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