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April 2017 Archives

Adding false details into stories can lead to defamation lawsuits

The technological advances of the internet have given countless individuals and companies a platform in which to voice their opinions. Companies in Ohio who operate through online sources and social media often express their own view of stories and events, and may in some cases add in details to attract additional viewers. Unfortunately, these added details can be misleading, or worse, subsequently damaging a person's reputation and leading to a defamation lawsuit.

The potential danger to victims of defamation in Ohio

Individuals who are falsely accused of a crime often find the fallout may still be challenging to overcome. With the nature of social media and its ability to spread rumors in an instant, accusations alone have the potential to wreak havoc on a person's reputation. Although some individuals may consider these rumors to be mere words, defamation of character can cause an individual in Ohio to experience extreme pain and suffering.

Man wins defamation lawsuit against authors of online newspaper

Throughout the years countless individuals have made the switch to paperless in various areas of their life. This may include newspapers, which are commonly posted online as opposed to being thrown on a porch by a delivery person. This ease of access may give numerous readers in Ohio a chance to view a multitude of newspapers, which can be both good and bad. A man in another state has filed a defamation lawsuit against two authors of an online newspaper.

The Fake Yelp Review Worth $34,000

In recent years, Yelp has come to replace asking your friends for dining and shopping recommendations. Even beyond millennials, most of us have used the platform for coffee or bar suggestions, usually paying attention to the star rating and top reviews. But what if some of those reviews are false and potentially defamatory?

Damaging posts on electronic billboard lead to defamation lawsuit

Many individuals over recent years have taken to social media to exercise their right to free speech. While this has led to a battle of words among some individuals in Ohio, in some cases these arguments do not result in harm to either party. However, if similar incidents get out of hand, they can cause significant pain and suffering if the situation is not brought under control. A man in another state has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against a mortgage broker concerning several damaging comments that were posted on an electronic billboard.

Overcoming the aftermath of defamation through social media

Many individuals over the years have suffered damage to important areas of life, such as employment opportunities, on account of an attack on their reputation. While there are certain laws in place in Ohio and across the country that protect a person's right to free speech, there are limitations that should not be exceeded. Making false statements about another individual, regardless of the motivation behind them, can result in serious damage to reputation and a subsequent defamation lawsuit.

What you should know about internet defamation

The injuries of libel and defamation have been around for a long time, but in the age of the Internet and with so many people turning to social media and public opinion to make decisions of who to trust, both personally and professionally, Internet defamation can cause serious problems. To many, typing insults and lies about a business or a person, such as an ex, and posting it on social media doesn't feel "real." The longer information stays on the Internet, the more likely it is that others will see it, and draw negative conclusions. Because of this, acting quickly to remove the content, and fight anyone who has made false allegations by hiring an Internet defamation lawyer is essential.

Woman files defamation lawsuit for derogatory posts on Facebook

Online applications such as Facebook are generally considered an excellent way for individuals to keep in touch. While there are various rules in place to govern what a person may or may not post in similar applications, for the most part an individual in Ohio is able to voice his or her opinion freely. Unfortunately, these opinions can be malicious at times and have a devastating impact on a person's reputation. A real estate agent in another state has recently filed a defamation lawsuit against several individuals in relation to posts on her business Facebook page.

Business owners suffer severely when subjected to defamation

Business owners are presented with various challenges every day. Many business owners in Ohio spend years building a client base and consider a good reputation to be key during the process. When an individual in a similar situation is subjected to defamation, the subsequent damage can be catastrophic. A wedding planner has recently filed a lawsuit against a former employee, claiming she is making damaging comments in an attempt to steal away clients.