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Real estate executive subjected to years of online defamation

Many individuals place a great deal of importance on public opinion. This is often considered the key to success in certain professions, especially regarding real estate. People in Ohio who are employed in this field spend years building their reputation and seek to protect themselves when subjected to any form of defamation. A real estate executive in another state was recently at the center of a four-year battle after a man attempted to ruin his reputation.

The man filed the suit against a former tenant after a website was created accusing him of fraud. The website made comparisons between him and another man who is famous for fraudulent activity and claimed that his company was a Ponzi scheme. An investigation into the website connected it with the former tenant, who has since admitted that he created it to get revenge on the executive for failing to listen to complaints.

Accusations of this nature can damage a person in many different ways, even if they are untrue. With use of the internet, words can reach a multitude of people who may often be influenced by what they read. This can cause irreparable harm to a person in real estate, potentially causing him or her to lose a significant amount of business in the process.

It can be challenging to overcome suffering caused by online defamation. The first step to recovery is often removing the damaging information from the internet. Since the process can be difficult, many people in Ohio seek the advice of an experienced attorney. An attorney can assist in the removal of such content and help prevent any further damage to a person's reputation.

Source:, "LA real estate exec wins $38M award over defamation scandal involving dead turtles, Bernie Madoff", Feb. 24, 2017

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